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The Tierra Companies: Poised to Lead in Eagle Ford Shale

Integrated Midstream Energy Company Is One-Stop Shop in Central Texas

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Unlocked over the last three years by advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques, Texas’ Eagle Ford Shale is among the most active energy exploration and production area in the United States at this time. One of the largest domestic discoveries of oil in the past 40 years, the Eagle Ford Shale continues to gain momentum as a significant hydrocarbon producing formation. Servicing what may be one of the largest economic developments in the history of the state of Texas, The Tierra Companies (www.tierracos.com), a leader in midstream energy services including crude oil trucking and logistics as well as a player in marketing and pipeline infrastructures in Central Texas, is a trusted partner to producers, refiners and commercial end-users within the Eagle Ford Shale. The Tierra Companies are led by a management team with extensive industry and safety experience. In addition, the company has a strong asset base and operational flexibility to address market demands in today’s fast-paced energy industry.

“As an integrated, full service provider of crude oil transportation, marketing services and forthcoming pipeline infrastructure for the Eagle Ford Shale, Tierra is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the dynamic activity within the play,” explains Glen Gonzalez, CEO of The Tierra Companies. “In fact, we’ve recently grown our workforce by 30 percent to keep pace with the market.”

Divided into three business units – Tierra Transportation, Tierra Marketing and Tierra Pipeline – The Tierra Companies serves several leading operators in the region and benefits from the shale’s continued growth. In the longer term, Tierra expects to leverage the geographical advantage of its pipeline and Right-of-Way, which is positioned directly in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale, spanning from San Antonio to refinery row in Corpus Christi, TX.

Tierra Transportation has delivered energy and value for its customers since 2002. This business unit currently focuses on crude oil transportation services to producers who have historically been underserved by larger transporters. With its fleet of trucks and trailers specially outfitted with quality control technology, safety equipment and pumps designed for lease crude hauling, Tierra Transportation’s dedicated team of 80 employees hauls between 12,000 to 15,000 barrels per day of Eagle Ford Shale production. Tierra Transportation also hauls refined products for area refiners.

A specific strength for Tierra Transportation is the company’s ability to leverage its resources in Tierra Marketing to deliver distressed and specialty barrels. This service is particularly valuable for producers and end-users in the Eagle Ford Shale who are looking to increase their volumes but do not have resources in place to identify or transport the barrels.

Tierra Transportation has built a blue-chip customer base of steady, repeat customers, including Anadarko, Shell Trading, Enterprise Products Partners, Flint Hills, OGO Marketing, Goodrich Petroleum and NuStar.

Similar to the Tierra Transportation business unit, Tierra Marketing is partners with small and medium volume producers working in the Eagle Ford Shale. The company offers complete, turnkey transportation and marketing solution to producers and end-users alike. Whether buying or selling, Tierra Marketing’s customers get the flexibility, service and quality control they need at a competitive price. What’s more, Tierra Marketing can directly leverage its company’s existing transportation services infrastructure to address a client’s unique needs with maximum efficiency. A complete services and solutions company, Tierra Marketing offers logistics management, crude oil accounting, Quality Control, lease maintenance and management, regulatory compliance and new well procurement.
Rounding out The Tierra Companies’ ability to be a long-term, one-stop midstream solution is a 140-mile pipeline and right-of-way that intersects the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale, extending from San Antonio to Corpus Christi’s “Refinery Row”.

“In 2005, I learned of the availability of the pipeline and right-of-way running from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. Owned by El Paso Corporation, the pipeline was originally constructed to carry petroleum products from the refineries in Corpus Christi to the San Antonio market, but the pipeline had been out of commission for a number of years,” explained Gonzalez. “We knew this pipeline and right-of-way could be a great asset for The Tierra Companies, so in 2006, the company purchased it and we have subsequently invested significant capital to reestablish easements, clear title and make additional improvements.”

The pipeline and corresponding right-of-way are currently being refurbished to ready the line for reactivation. Led by former ExxonMobil executive, Richard A. “Dick” Rabinow, Tierra Pipeline has a panel of experts who are providing their individual and collective expertise on the pipeline refurbishment process. Others on the panel include O.B. Harris, Robert Misloney and Vince Murchison.

“We see this as a unique opportunity,” Gonzalez said. “We’ve been working with land owners up and down the line as well as leadership within the areas to ensure that everyone understands what impact the pipeline has on them. After much due diligence, we knew that recommissioning this pipeline was the best strategic move for the business as it fully complements Tierra Transportation and Tierra Marketing.”

All together, The Tierra Companies is putting its expertise and assets to work for customers. Providing a safe and complete array of services for companies working in the Eagle Ford Shale play, Tierra has the commitment and strength to serve as the leading transportation and logistics company in Central Texas through its three business units – Tierra Transportation, Tierra Marketing and Tierra Pipeline.